Language for companies

Communication, professionalism, student motivation and progress monitoring

* Communication based learning methodology

* Qualified and well-paid teachers


* Flexibility


* Personal service


* Adaptation of materials


* Student progress monitoring and monthly assessment


* Official test preparation (DELE, Nivell C, TOEIC…)


* Advice for obtaining subsidies/grants


* Pricing tailored to customer needs












In BcnBabel you will find the language training solution that your company needs. 


We have experience with both business and teaching world. Our differential factor is the actual involvement of our professional and well-paid teachers in the student learning. 


Our language courses for companies may be partially funded or subsidized by the European Social Fund. BcnBabel can take the responsibility to file and manage your grant or subsidy so that you only have to worry about learning.


Our methodology is highly communicative and our lessons, enjoyable, and for this reason we believe that the best way to improve a language is to speak it and learn how you can communicate in real situations.


We provide our clients with effective and useful solutions starting from a careful diagnosis of your needs in order to enhance development of your own professional skills and your company capabilities as well.



Subsidies and grants (Up to 90%) for companies

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Oratory and Diction courses

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Catalan Nivell C

40 hours course:

300€ + enrollment

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Spanish Intensive Courses in Barcelona

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