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Useful links to learn Spanish on the Web.

1. Vocabulary
2. Grammar online
3. Business EnglishEspañol de negocios
4. Dictionaries
5. Media
6. Level Test
7. Música Spotify
8. Acceso facebook


1. Vocabulary


British Council vocabulary exercises.
Listening samples of English speakers from around the world with transcripts and interactive quizzes.
2. Grammar online
Australian Network
Improve your English in a fun and interesting way with Learning English programs for a range of levels.

British Council
This English grammar is an attempt to describe the ways that (some) speakers of English make sentences. You can read the grammar topics and complete the interactive exercises.

English grammar
Grammar lessons, exercises and rules for everyday use.
3. Business English
BBC Talking Business
This course gives you useful language and phrases to improve your spoken communication skills in English in different business situations.

Business situations
This 15-part series for intermediate to advanced English language learners looks at the language used in everyday business situations such as meetings, presentations and negotiations.

Business spotlight
Professional language skills.

Better english
Exercises and games to test business English, grammar and vocabulary.
4. Dictionaries.
Cambridge university
Cambridge University Press publishes a range of dictionaries for learners of English all around the world. You can search our dictionaries using the search box at the top of the page.

Cambridge university
English-Spanish Dictionary: bilingual and grammar engine.
5. Media


5.1. General

The New York Times is an American daily newspaper founded, and continuously published in New York City, since 1851.
The Guardian
The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper. The Guardian identifies with centre-left liberalism and its readership is generally on the mainstream left of British political opinion.

Time is an American news magazine and is the world's largest weekly news magazine, and has a domestic audience of 20 million and a global audience of 25 million.

5.2. Specialised.

Scientific American
A popular science magazine. It is notable for its long history of presenting science monthly to an educated but not necessarily scientific public.
More than fifty million people receive the magazine every month.
5.3. Magazines about Barcelona in english.
Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine
The most popular online and printed resource for both visitors and international residents in Barcelona.

The Barcelona Review
Considered as one of the top five literary websites by the US magazine Writer’s Digest.

Catalonia Today
64 colour pages of news in English from a Catalan point of view.
5.4. Blogs
This is aimed to be a blog dedicated to Talent Management and Networking in Barcelona.

Multilingual technology blog network with daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics.

Boing Boing
The world's "most favorited" blog, according to Technorati's vastly hideous phrase, is a hybrid of tech-culture newsletter and DIY lifestyle magazine.

Daily Kos
An American political blog that publishes news and opinions from a progressive point of view.

Her weekly, syndicated column appears in a number of newspapers and websites nationwide.

ReadWriteWeb (RWW)
RWW covers Web 2.0 and Web technology in general, and provides industry news, reviews, and analysis.
6. Level Test
This test has four sections:  Reading, Listening, speaking, and Writing section.

In the listening test, you will need to show how well you understand spoken english.

7. Spotify music platform

5 essential lists of the best music, today and always, in English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Italian.

8. Facebook



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